Gay porn runway project

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johnny_hazzard gay porn starBoy George was so entranced by Mike’s interview with Johnny Hazzard that he snatched him up and threw him on the runway to model his new clothing line B-Rude last night, stunning the fashionistas at Fashion Week in NY. OK, I kid. I’m sure Hazzard’s appearance was planned well in advance of our interview, but this certainly isn’t the first time that a gay porn star has graced a high-fashion runway.

Jeff Stryker did runway for Thierry Mugler years ago. Mark Dalton modeled underwear for Raymond Dragon, ( Mister Dragon is no stranger to porn), and lest we forget John Bartlett got (straight) male model Brad Kroenig to pretend he was a porn star and drop trou on his runway last year. Jeremy Penn modeled for the short-lived Tom of Finland Clothing line (that is, clothes inspired by the legendary porn artiste – click on the previous link for a picture of Mr. Penn looking tough), and maybe also A&F, but don’t, like, quote me on that.

I even spied Marcus Iron on the runway last year for SF-based menswear designer D. Romero. Oh, and of course Michael Lucas started his career doing runway and print in Europe before he defected to the US. I mean, it makes sense: Porn stars have nice bodies and, well, most fashion designers are big nelly queens anyway.


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