John Holmes

Posted October 14, 2003 10:29 PM by

In the next few months you are going to be hearing a lot about the deceased porn star John Holmes. They will soon release a new Hollywood blockbuster starring Val Kilmer as Holmes.

In his day, John Holmes was a legend in straight porn as one of the few males who had a name. His claim to fame was certainly not his face or body, but for size-queens (and there a lot of them) he was the man. As his career dwindled, John Holmes got involved in drugs and ran with a bad crowd, and eventually got into gay porn because no one else would pay him. He even got tied into a murder scandal, which is the basis of the Val Kilmer movie.

Eventually, John Holmes died of AIDS.

NakedSword members can now be treated to this vintage offering by Falcon studios starring the controversial cocksman, John Holmes, transferred to video from glorious 8mm film.

So who is hung bigger, John Holmes, Chad Hunt, or Long Dong Silver?