First Look At Joe Gage’s “Armed Forces Physical”

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I’d be hard pressed if I had to list my absolute favorite gay porn director, but Joe Gage is definitely up there on the list. No matter how many times I’ve watched one of the sexually tense, slow-placed build-ups in one of his scenes, I always get drawn in. I’m often amazed at his ability to use the tried-and-true porn clichés and sometimes turn them upside-down, sometimes he take you exactly where you’d expect: regardless, they always manage to turn me on.

Joe Gage's Armed Forces Physical

I could (and have!) watched him direct models I’m not necessarily crazy about and still manage to get off, so the fact that the cast of his latest film, “Armed Forces Physical” (now available from Ray Dragon Video) contains some of my favorites* working today has me pretty excited: Conner Habib, Dale Cooper, Dylan Roberts, and Colby Keller, among others. Plus it stars someone I consider the quintessential Joe Gage performer: Andrew Justice (see Dad Takes a Fishing Trip if you had any doubts).

It was actually Conner Habib who let me know of the film’s release. Find out what Conner had to say about working with the legendary director and watch a stellar hardcore trailer “Armed Forces Physical” after the jump …

On what it’s like to work with Joe Gage compared to other directors, Conner Habib said:

The difference in working with Joe Gage is that he spends so much time getting the tone and set-up — what leads up to the sex — right. That’s why — after making porn for thirty years — he has such a huge fan base. Everyone else is making porn about shooting loads and sexual release; but he’s the only person really making porn about sexual tension.
When you work with Joe, he gets you into the groove of this tension too, so you feel more sexual on set than at other shoots, and that comes through in the scenes.

*the film contains a “special appearance” by Jake Cruise. I’m willing to overlook it: It’s rare for me to be this excited about a movie just from watching the trailer.


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2 responses to First Look At Joe Gage’s “Armed Forces Physical”

  1. Rob November 19th, 2013 at 11:04 PM

    oh. wow. yes please.


  2. John November 20th, 2013 at 1:24 PM

    Where do I report for my physical? !! Any movie made by Joe is going to be great. Love the tight close-ups of this movie. Can’t wait to see it.


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