JJ Knight Drenches Ken Rodeo’s Luscious Lips In An Epic Facial

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Donkey-dicked JJ Knight fucks Ken Rodeo deep then gives him a taste of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a truly epic facial.

jj knight fucks ken rodeo wild weekend falconThe tip of JJ’s dick would almost hang out the bottom of a pair of long johns so the outline of that pipe in boxers was like a magnet that pulled Ken’s face to it. He liberated that pole and stroked it with the reverence it deserved. JJ’s cockhead’s next stop was a good ways down Ken’s throat.

jj knight fucks ken rodeo wild weekend falconAfter stopping for a quick feast on Ken’s other set of lips, Ken climbs on JJ’s lap. He jacks his cock and sucks face with JJ and he does the ride and glide with JJ’s raising up as Ken’s ass plunges down.

jj knight fucks ken rodeo wild weekend falconMoving to the floor, Ken throws a leg over JJ’s shoulder and JJ fills him with fast, deep strokes until Ken explodes all over himself. Rising to his knees, Ken opens his mouth and makes his face the target. JJ unleashes an open gusher of cum that leaves Ken’s lips and chin drenched and dripping. Even then, JJ’s not quite finished so Ken sucks out the final drops. And this day is just getting started.

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