Off-Screen Chemistry Makes On-Screen Magic: Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight

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It’s a love match on the A-Team. Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight share their real life passion in one passionate, explosive scene.

It was Str8UpGayPorn who officially connected the dots. They sure do make one fine looking couple.

jj knight fucks brent corrigan falcon:Even for someone with a decade in the business, Brent finds a JJ’s dick a real jawbreaker. Of course, he knows that dick is about to be an ass cracker. But not until JJ takes a deep tongue dive into Brent’s amazing ass.

jj knight fucks brent corrigan falcon:They move to the floor and JJ goes to town with his tongue and dick on both of Brent’s holes.

jj knight fucks brent corrigan falconBrent doesn’t just take a ride on JJ. His hole explores every thick, towering inch.

jj knight fucks brent corrigan falconWhile he scooped him up in those arms, JJ could have just as easily carried Brent on his dick alone.

On the floor, Brent shoots his load with JJ buried deep inside. And even for JJ who can really fire off some epic cum rips, he really drenches Brent today. After Brent sucks every last drop, they press their faces together in a cum-covered kiss.

[Watch Brent and JJ in “About Last Night” scene four] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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