Brent Corrigan & JJ Knight Announce Their Engagement!

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Falcon Studios Group exclusives — and the reigning gay porn power couple — are about to have a new name for each other: husbands.

“It takes a wedding to make us say, let’s live another day …

Drink, L’Cayim. To Life”

No, Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight aren’t joining the summer tour of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

They have their eyes set on something with a life long contract: matrimony.

Congratulations, guys!

Word to their fans began with a tweet.

jj knight brent corrigan engagedThe heat between them made their scene together in “About Last Night” sizzle right off the blue screen.


Passions contrinuted grow during their Aussie Invasion this spring.


Brent has been the object of gossip, but not one to spread it. This had the look of being for keeps right from the start.


JJ dropped a clue on Friday.


And today, it became official.

Haters and naysayers can put a lid on it. Relationships are difficult no matter what you do. The adult industry does confer an additional set of demands and dilemmas that have challenged many.

But if anyone can beat those odds and join the select group from any walk of life who make a go of being Mr. & Mr., it’s Brent and JJ.

Best of luck and much happiness to you both.


[Watch Brent and JJ in “About Last Night” scene four]

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