Jess Barebacking Robbie Is Sean Cody’s Messiest Scene This Year?

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Six blasts, two big dicks, loaded holes, facials, ATM’s, and the return of the kiss. Get some lube. Get unzipped. And get inside.

jess fucks robbie bareback sean codyRobbie blows Jess, they sixty-nine and Robbie immediately has a seat and starts riding all the way down to the balls. Robbie’s been away for awhile. Robbie gallops up and down until Jess pushes him off as Robbie’s tight ass vacuumed out Jess’ first load.

As Robbie licks that load off Jess’s dick, he fluffs right back to full bone. Robbie resumes his ride. Jess puts him on his back and pounds him at a fast clip. Boom. He pummels a thick load out of Robbie then unleashes his second load right on top before reburying his dick.

jess fucks robbie bareback sean codyA steamy shower follows. They return to the bed, Jess straddles Robbie’s face and proceeds to maneuver his cock in and out of Robbie’s throat like a steel construction beam trying on a building foundation for size.

jess fucks robbie bareback sean codyJess proceeds to deliver easily the messiest facial of the summer.

jess fucks robbie bareback sean codyThen with the cum from that epic facial still dripping from his still hard dick, Jess bends Robbie over and shoves his cock right up Robbie’s ass. He’s now fucking while his last load is still making Robbie’s face look someone just smacked him with a lemon meringue pie.

Jess flips Robbie on his back. He gets kissed. The pounding resumes. Blasts five and six, one from each of them, are the largest loads of the day. “It looks like I just had a whole team cum on me.” Or just Jess. Happy Labor Day!

[Watch “Robbie & Jess: Bareback” at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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