Jeff Stryker: Lest We Forget?

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Jeff Stryker’s impending lawsuit and cocky boasting on Celebrity Justice about being “the next Clint Eastwood” recently put him square in the cross-hairs of jaded queens all over the world to take easy shots on the aging diva.

Yes, he’s looking kind of haggard. Yes, he’s not the young stallion he once was. Yes, the movies he’s put out in the last ten years have been less-than-stellar.

But c’mon, Jeff Stryker is one of gay porn’s few living legends. At 41, he’s sort of like the equivalent of Elvis. I say leave the poor thing alone. Check out Powertool if you’re having any doubts about his contributions to the gay porn industry.

Besides who else on this planet can say they’ve been photographed by Pierre et Gilles (scroll right), filmed by Rosa von Praunheim and been honored by a postage stamp in the Netherlands?

Stryker on CJ (courtesy The Adams Report).
Jeff Stryker (courtesy of


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