Jason Vario & Eric Nero’s Big Dick Snoball Fight

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Eric Nero can’t wait. After Jason Vario snacks on Eric’s thick foreskin, Eric has Jason’s cock for lunch and his load for dinner.

eric nero jason vario snoball titanmenA combination of diversity and two fat, long, and uncut cocks set a stage and then Eric and Jason deliver the goods. Clearly, Eric’s gag reflex was demolished in an earlier life. And when it comes to Jason and his oral skills, just watch him go from the hole to the pole in one, long, uninterrupted slurp.

eric nero jason vario snoball titanmenEric is going full helicopter the entire time he’s riding Jason. Given the ballast of Eric’s bloated bone, I’m surprised he didn’t kick up a dust storm.

eric nero jason vario snoball titanmenWhen Jason really lets loose his fury, the echo of their flesh colliding sounds a like a team of horses at a full gallop. Jason pounds a load out of Jason then flips around and douses his entire head. But look fast, that load does stay there very long. Hell, since there was already a helicopter today at this construction site, a why not a snoball fight?

And with that, “Demolition” complete.

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