Jacob Taylor Fiends for Sean Zevran’s Ass

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If the words “Ass Fiends”, “Sean Zevran,” and “Hot House” all sound hot in the same sentence, wait until you see him and Jacob Taylor providing the visuals.

Less than two minutes in, Jacob’s tongue is buried in Sean’s smooth cheeks. At minute number four, that big black dildo disappears. Not long after, as soon as Sean finished swallowing it to be more specific, it’s Jacob’s dick that is going in and out.

It’s not that Jacob Taylor has 8.5″, it’s that he knows how to use every inch and in “Ass Fiends” today, Sean’s ass was more than ready to take every one of them.

[Watch Sean Zevran and Jacob Taylor in “Ass Fiends”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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