It’s Party Time

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Mickey Taylor and Gabriel Phoenix are high on love but sometimes that’s not enough. But when you add in the uncut slabs of Billy Rock and Matthew Anders, now it’s a real sausage fest.

In the recording studio or on the porn set, Mickey Taylor is always the leader of the band. In “Guyspotting” from NakedSword Originals, Mickey has been the leader of seven other blokes where it’s all uncut, and all sex, all the time.

Well, almost all of the time. First, it was Jack Taylor and hot ginger Leander who shagged while Mickey was in the shower. Then, Koby Lewis got his hole wrecked by Kayden Gray’s huge schlong.

But last week, Mickey made up for lost time flipping with Gabriel Phoenix. But in reality, they were both getting started. And today, the reinforcements arrive.

uncut gay porn orgy

uncut gay porn orgyIt’s not that Mickey and Gabriel lost that loving feeling, but before they could act on it, a couple of Gabriel’s buddies burst through the door and the focus shifted to getting high on everything they can find which quickly morphed into doing everyone in the room.

uncut gay porn orgySchmoozing turned into boozing and boozing into cruising where it didn’t’ matter who was sucking whom. What matters is that there were British bangers down one or more throats at all times. There were. Cell phones captured the festivities so everyone will know who, and what, they did the day after. For Mickey, that meant sucking all three cocks while Billy tapped his ass.

uncut gay porn orgyAnd said sucking led to fucking. Matthew Anders and Billy Rock take turns fucking Mickey and Gabriel then they played everyone’s favorite party game: trading bottoms.

uncut gay porn orgyWith every position and possibility executed in a frenzy, all four of our guys are lying in a giant fuck pile where four heavy cum rips are expelled one right after the other. Look closely before they get gobbled up. Yes, it’s good to be young, gay, and “Guyspotting” in Manchester. Cheers.

[Watch Mickey, Gabriel, Billy, & Matthew in “Guyspotting” scene four “Bump and Grind” at NakedSword]

All uncut British schlongs went searching for home in “Guyspotting”. Make sure you saw every home cumming …
uncut gay porn orgy
Scene one: Jack Taylor & Leander in “Hung & Hungover”
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Scene two: Kayden Gray & Koby Lewis in “Arsehole”
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Scene three: Mickey Taylor & Gabriel Phoenix in “Fuck’d”
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