Introducing Butterloads: Gay POV Porn

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Although I’m not sure about the name, is a new site that’s “dedicated to behind the scene stories of what it takes to be a gay male porn star.” So far it’s mostly POV videos from the gay porn casting couch, if the casting couch were really just a desk in a janky porn office.

I’ve worked in a couple of porn offices and while I’ve had my share of mildly scintillating moments over the years, never anything like these which is why, perhaps, this site appeals to me. I mean, I can only dare to dream that one day a douchey slab of g4p beef like Ryan Rockford would be spread eagle on my desk while I plowed his ass, but I guess that’s the appeal of POV porn:

Audition video by Gavin Waters, who passed a special milestone last weekend when he announced on his now-deleted Facebook fan page that he was going to be a dad (twink to DILF in one fell swoop. Hizzah!) after the jump …

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