Exclusive Mark Dalton Interview!

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September 3, 2003
PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release


In an exclusive interview with GayPornBlog.com, adult modeling icon, Mark Dalton dropped a bombshell that will surely fuel the ongoing controversy over his ambiguous sexual orientation.

When GayPornBlog.com Webmaster, Mark Kliem, asked ‘When will Mark Dalton appear in a porn video with another guy?” Dalton played coy and teased that fans would have to wait and see.

As a follow-up question, Kliem asked, “When will Mark Dalton appear in a porn video with a girl?”

He paused for a moment, then stated emphatically, “You will see me in a video with a guy before you will see me in a video with a girl.”


“Taken at face value that statement neither confirms nor denies Mr. Dalton’s sexual orientation,” says Kliem. “Conversely, everyone believed Rock Hudson was straight because he appeared in all those movies with Doris Day! That little tidbit about Mark Dalton will no doubt start another firestorm of fans voicing their opinions. Of all the hundreds of topics posted to GayPornBlog.com and thousands of celebrity names mentioned, ‘mark dalton’ is by far the most frequently used key words entered in search engines to find this web site.”

“The beauty of using a blog as a communication tool is that readers can chime in with their comments immediately for all to see,” Kliem continues. “I don’t quite understand why Mark Dalton’s sexual orientation is a matter of such heated debate, but there has been so much chatter, I may have to re-name the site MarkDaltonGayPornBlog.com!”

The complete Mark Dalton archive is available here. Watch all of Mark Dalton’s movies on NakedSword here

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“Besides my salacious ramblings about homosexual pornography, I will be reporting on a variety of people, events, and observations of living in San Francisco, as well as my pithy commentaries about mainstream culture and the high art of camp.” says Kliem. “This stuff is too good to keep to myself, I want others to enjoy it, too.”

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GayPornBlog.com recently got spotlighted in Cybersocket Magazine’s “Blogging” column, September 2003 Issue #5.9.

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