In One Upside to the Recession, Amateur Porn Sets Are Getting Better

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There was a time when big studios like Falcon, Raging Stallion and Titan were the only studios able to afford big budget sets, while amateur studios were confined to the same bedroom set week after week. By keeping their overhead low, sites like Randy Blue, Sean Cody and Dirty Boy Video (who more than once used my borrowed hotel room for shoots) kept profit margins large. With a downturn in real estate, things may be converging sooner than we’d imagined: rentals that would have eschewed porn shoots are opening up their doors. In fact, when Sean Cody moved from its well-worn beige bedroom set to an orgy at an under-booked desert villa, we couldn’t help but thinking of the amenities.


The master bath in this rental is roomy enough for two.


… or three, if you’re close.


The bedroom features plush carpeting that won’t leave you with rug burns.


The downstairs den is perfect for entertaining large groups…


… and when we say eat-in kitchen, we’re talking about ass.


Of course, at the end of the day we’re far more interested in square inches than feet.

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