Was Gay Porn Star Ibrahim Moreno Strip Searched Because Of Racial Profiling?

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A French-Cuban by birth, Ibrahim Moreno traveled to Tel Aviv for a personal appearance at a gay club. Then at Ben Gurion International Airport, it all went wrong.

“I never thought traveling to another country would make me feel like shit,” was a quote from GayStarNews. However, the real problems began when he tried to board his return flight to France.

The Times of Israel shared Ibrahim’s now deleted FaceBook post on the incident.

"Moreno following his departing security checks" photo @Facebook via ynetnews

“Moreno following his departing security checks” photo @Facebook via ynetnews

“Today at the Tel Aviv airport back home I have been humiliated, treated me like a terrorist and simply because my name is IBRAHIM, why can not I have a name of Arab origin? I’m GAY, I’m not a MUSLIM, I don’t speak any Arabic language, but if I carry a cross that allows me to be judged and humiliated,” he wrote.

Moreno said he was interviewed four times by security personnel, “not like any other, but like a weirdo” and that his suitcase was emptied out, his personal hygiene items were thrown away, and then he was forced to undress.

“I could only cry of the impotence and the rage,” he lamented, and added that he nearly missed his flight.

YnetNews carried the statement issued by the Israel Airports Authority in response to Ibrahim’s account of the events. “The security checks at Ben Gurion Airport are meant to protect the passengers’ safety and the safety of their flights, and are carried out on all passengers exiting the country regardless of their identity, nationality etc., under guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Items that are not allowed to be shipped inside a carry-on are confiscated, as is the norm around the world. Regarding the claim that he was stripped, when a suspicious finding is received, it must be scanned using technological devices.”

The Sword & Gay Porn Blog readers are thankfully more familiar with Ibrahim Moreno’s name being preceded by the words, Lucas Entertainment exclusive.

[For more and to see Ibrahim in action, see the rest of the story at The Sword]



One response to Was Gay Porn Star Ibrahim Moreno Strip Searched Because Of Racial Profiling?

  1. Rob February 14th, 2017 at 4:51 PM

    If anyone knows anything about the constant state of fear the average citizen experiences in Israel from Islamic terrorism, then you will know they do not take any chances with anyone.

    And before the uneducated begin whinning about what the state has allegedly done, then know that before Israel was even re-established as a modern state, every single country in their neighborhood vowed to destroy it if it ever was recognised.

    Countless innocents are slaughtered every year, so having to go through a bit of extra security is not a hardship. Why doesn’t he head over to Palestine and see how friendly the authorities are to a gay guy, let alone someone who does porn .


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