Jizz By The Yard

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If the load Jonah Fontana drenches Ian Greene with traveled any farther, it would have needed a passport.

We know it. Calvin Banks and Mickey Jr know it. And so does Woody Fox and Brandon Wilde. A $10 bill gains you admission to a secret on-demand fuck pad in San Francisco called “The Ten Spot”.

Jonah Fontana is in the know as well. And he’s more than ready to deposit an Alexander Hamilton in order to make his deposit on Ian Greene.

ian greene jonah fontana nakedsword“There’s got to be a catch,” Ian states correctly. But Jonah was too horny to care. It’s not that Ian knows Woody Fox watches every encounter through a hidden peephole. But even if he did, that wouldn’t stop them. “The Ten Spot” from NakedSword Originals shows exactly what happens when the need to seed doesn’t mean going home, it means going around the corner.

ian greene jonah fontana nakedswordDo you want to keep talking, or do you want to put this dick in your mouth?” Jonah asks while hauling out his cock. There was no need to Jonah to wait for an answer.

ian greene jonah fontana nakedswordWith both his dick and Ian’s hole lubed with spit, actions speak louder than words. With an ass like Ian’s, Jonah wasn’t wasting so much as a minute in “The Ten Spot” on “polite conversation.”

ian greene jonah fontana nakedswordIt wasn’t long before hairy, aggressive Jonah had turned Ian into his personal fuck toy. After a doggie to riding to missionary fuck down, Jonah finally pulled out and turned Ian into something else: a cum catcher. And he does it from a yard away. That’s what happens in “The Ten Spot”, the guys always go the distance.

[Watch Ian Greene & Jonah Fontana in “The Ten Spot” scene three at NakedSword]


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