“I Want Your Love” Remains A Gay Cinema Landmark

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An unflinchingly honest portrait of gay life premiered in 2013 at NakedSword to universal acclaim and international controversy. Today, NakedSword Film Works (NSFW) re-releases “I Want Your Love” to mark its third anniversary.

“I Want Your Love” began as a conversation between NakedSword and director Travis Mathews in 2009. The odyssey first resulted in a short film in 2010.

[Watch the 3rd Anniversary Presentation of “I Want Your Love” at NakedSword Film Works]

The ground-breaking, genre-bending feature-length film “I Want Your Love” premiered June 17, 2012, at the Castro Theater as part of the Frameline International LGBT Film Festival.
Emotionally gritty and sexually explicit, “I Want Your Love” tells its story with real actors pushing their boundaries by having real sex on camera. The result in the kind of palpable, real connection you don’t find in just porn.

“I Want Your Love” joins “100 Boyfriends Mixtape,” “Hattie Goes Cruising,” and “Catharsis” at NakedSword Film Works (NSFW), the bold, new, independent film arm of NakedSword.com.


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