Vegas or Bust With Pablo Hernandez, Fernando, & Ed

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I am sure the forty – yes four + OH – porn stars are packing their bags for Hustlaball Vegas, which begins in Sin City in just three days. Also getting out their Samsonite’s are our HustlaBall contest winners, Fernando and Ed.

More will be the operative word for this year as included in the magic forty slated for the Den of Iniquity this year are Ryan Rose, Brian Bonds, Rocco Steele, Dylan James, Bennett Anthony, FX Rios, Trenton Ducati, Dominic Pacifico, Logan Moore, Angel Cruz, Pablo Hernandez, Drae Axtell, plus NakedSword Exclusives Mickey Taylor and Bray Love. If you are counting, yes, that still leaves two dozen additional slices of beef that we’ll get to later this week.

I know, that’s a lot of meat to get through and almost impossible to pick your favorites among a line up like that. But in addition to the air fare and accommodations, we wanted to make sure our contest winners Fernando and Ed will have the time of their lives at their first Hustlaball ever. I tasked them with the mission impossible of choosing who they are most excited to meet. In addition to great taste in husbands, Ed has great taste in porn stars. His first choice is near number one on everyone’s list, including Mickey Taylor’s …

Pablo Hernandez! Even his name is a feast for the eyes …

… and yes, he’s a bottom! He’s also taken: Drae Axtell is one lucky man.

But since we can’t be a fly on the wall in their bedroom, here’s a little something to tide us over and help launch that “HustlaBall Spirit”

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So Pablo Hernandez for Ed. I just heard from Fernando. His pick is an a bigger star. Meet me here tomorrow and we’ll take a look who it is!

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