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Okay, so maybe making a fist disappear is not exactly Mindfreak material.

But Jason Sparks (of Club Jason Sparks, the bareback-adjacent studio) will be holed up in a hotel room in South Bend this evening doing a live fisting show with unknowns (though I’m hoping for this one).

For all of you who’ve watched all those Hollywood fisting videos and decried the artifice, or for those fisting novice who wants to know how to get fisted but hasn’t located an accredited online learning course, this is your lucky night.

Questions, of course remain

Will the model be fisting himself, or inviting a fister to assister? HE’S KEEPING MUM.
Will the hotel wi-fi work? THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES, HE SAYS
Will there be anything that we shouldn’t see? WHO KNOWS. THAT’S THE MAGIC OF LIVE TV. Like those unwatchable 30 Rock episodes.
Will you be home in time to watch? STARTS AT 9PM EST, WHICH IS BEFORE DINNER ON THIS COAST.
Will he be arrested? UNCLEAR. It’s a hotel room in INDIANA. Anything could happen.

What we have been able to piece together, through crowdsourced funding, microloans and the help of Big Sis is that it will probably include Zack Taylor who was spotted with Sparks in South Bend this weekend.

Will there be arrests? Room service? A little poop? Who knows! Tune in tonight to find out!

LIVE FISTING DEMO (via Jason Sparks Live)

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