HOG: The Leather File

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Press Release:

HOG: The Leather File
A John Rutherford Feature

Experience 13 of the hottest
Muscular. Hung. Natural.

HOG: The Leather File is the essence of COLT.

A smack across your ass… a hand twisting your tits… a stiff cock forcing your hole open… you know what turns you on, and so does John Rutherford.

This new feature captures the intensity of sex between men who live their lives in leather on bikes known as HOGS. Join COLT Men Exclusives Adam Dexter and Dave Angelo along with Russian sensation Andreas Stern as they explore leather, cigar smoking, spitting, dildos, bondage, plus all the fucking, double penetration, sucking and big cocks you’d expect. In the world of HOG: The Leather File, John Rutherford creates a place – a safe place where leather is a way of life, a place where sex is a struggle for power and control, and a place where all the men are COLT Men!

Will you ever be prepared for the exhilarating shock of having this high-voltage sexual intensity at your command? And once you’ve experienced the raw sensuality, will you ever be able to get enough? Try, if you dare.

Join COLT Men Exclusives Adam Dexter, Dave Angelo, and International superstar Andreas Stern along with 10 other defiant, unleashed leather men including Leo Bramm, Derek Cameron, Todd Maxwell, Toby O�Connor, Jake Marshall, Hal Rodman, Diego De La Hoya, Tony Dancer, Ross Taylor, and Bo Taylor. HOG: The Leather File has raised the bar by which all other leather movies will be judged.

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  1. bernardo agosto September 17th, 2005 at 10:32 AM

    thats great, agressive & hairy men in action real macho men


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