Gay Porn Clip: Gaytanamo’s Classical Fetish

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gay-porn-gaytanamo-dvd-cover-pic.jpgFor hardcore fetishists, there are many ways to make sense more intense. For the boys at Dark Alley, the solution is ski masks, abductions, torture, rough sex and … classical music. (You heard me!) Gaytanamo, the long-awaited and already controversial feature about sextraordinary rendition and (once you go) “black sites,” goes for the jugular with a sound so colossal that you can barely hear your heartbeat. (Of course, after you’ve seen Matthias von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, Violator and others fuck the crap out of each other, you may wonder if it’s actually stopped beating.) I’m all for quasi-political and erudite porn referents: can Fisting with Foucault be far behind?

Hardcore Gaytanamo Trailer (, in HD)
Dark Alley’s Violator (Gay Porn Blog)
Dark Alley VOD (


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