Gay Hoopla’s “Muscle Jocks Fuck” Totally Delivers Muscle Jocks Fucking

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GayHoopla’s Max Summerfield is cleaning up in an outdoor shower. He’s my type of guy to a tee. He’s tall, dark haired, and handsome, and he’s packing some serious muscle. He looks strong and beefy, not always an easy thing for a 6’2″ guy to achieve. He has an impressive upper body, beautifully muscled legs, and a sexy butt. While Max lathers under the spray, his cock bounces and sways under his dark bush. If you look closely, you’ll see a dark treasure trail crawling up to his navel.

“Muscle Jocks Fuck” by GayHoopla. Released 2014. Starring: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels:

In GayHoopla’s “Muscle Jocks Fuck” Jeff Niels appears in the doorway and says, “Wow! This is nice, mind if I join you?” With uneasiness in his voice, Max says, “I guess.” But it’s more like he’s thinking, “Dude, can’t you wait until I’m done?” Jeff asks Max to soap his back and the hunk again hesitantly agrees, then Max moves out into the sun so Jeff can rinse off and we get a nice look at Max’s wet muscles glistening. Jeff plants a quick kiss on Max. “Whoa! Dude, what was that?” Jeff reassures Max that it’s cool and tells him to “just go with it.”

After some necking, Jeff kneels and gulps Max’s cock. His eight inches stiffens to it’s full potential, but I can’t take my eyes off Max’s beautiful ass. After taking turns on their knees, they head inside where Max reclines on a bench and Jeff rides his cock backwards. After plunging his hole open, Jeff lies back on the bed and Max pumps his gorgeous ass back and forth. Splendid. After a few minutes Jeff finally says, “It’s my turn.” Judging by Max’s initial nervousness, I didn’t think we’d be seeing him bottom, and frankly I would have been happy to keep watching him top his shower buddy, but I’m equally thrilled to watch Jeff bumping Max’s sexy butt. See Max blow his thick wad with Jeff fucking his ass …

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