Gay Twink Porn from Hot House

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Hot House Entertainment has a reputation to uphold. The studio’s unrivalled combination of high production values and hot, tough, nasty men engaging in extreme fetish and hardcore ass-play helped make Hot House the decade’s raunchy darling.

Then, the other day, director Steven Scarborough (The Road to Hopeful, Skuff) handed me a couple of films Hot House recently acquired from Britain’s Eurocreme production company. Twink porn at the venerable Hot House? Sweet and smooth boytoys from the master of edge fetish? I was confused. Until I watched the movie…

The Eurocreme boys are handsome and hung. I mean, HUNG. And not only do they love to fuck, they’re funny and fun. I watched Skaterboy dumbfounded by the fresh faced skatemates who spend their time skating, fucking and getting high (they take a trip to Amsterdam to compete in a skate competition) I watched in awe as two 10-inch 20-year-olds double-penetrated the dumbfounded Dutch boy, writhing in ecstasy. Really fantastic stuff.

Scarborough has made a strategic and smart acquisition. Max Lincoln, the director of Dreamboy, Dreamboy USA, Skaterboy and the highly popular Spyboy series (“Bonk. James Bonk.”), has the eye of George DuRoy (Lukas’ Story, Pleasure Express) and the sense of humor of Rick Tugger (There Goes the Neighborhood, White Trash). The Eurocreme line — to be distributed through HH Direct — has some of the best titles I’ve seen in a long time.

Viva la twink!


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