Gay Twin Porn: Where Incest Meets Narcissism

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There’s a new set of sexy gay twins doing the porn rounds, but they haven’t seemed to be able to settle on a name. In High Octane’s Twin Towers (above, left), they’re listed as Alex and Ian Lynch. In Studio 2000’s Twin Devils (above, middle), they’re listed as Jack and James LaCroix. In Bel Ami’s Flings 2, they’re listed as Daniel and Jean Lautrec.

In all three movies, they appear in the same scene and have sex with other men but don’t touch each other. This puts them in the same category as other identical twins who almost have sex on camera, alongside Dean and Dave Resnick, and Gabriel and Oscar Odyssey.

Will they ever decide on a name? More importantly … will they ever fuck each other on camera? If they do take the incestual plunge, they wont be the first, either. Gay porn has often flirted with the idea of getting two twins to fuck, but has only legitimately delivered twice, as far as I know.
twin_gay_porn.jpgThe first is Bijou’s Twins: Nature’s Amazing Mystery, a pseudo-documentary peeking into the “narcissistic world” of three sets of real fucking twins: The Christy twins, The O’brien twins and the Karistadt twins. The only verifiable twins in the bunch being Tim and Chris Christy, these skinny, shaggy surfers dudes from Venice, CA, who were a late-seventies parlor trick of sorts, appearing in seven movies together including three for Falcon.

If grainy, pre-condom twin sex isn’t your thing, then I highly recommend Double Czech, which after a long, slow build up features Jirka and Karel Bartok taking turns fucking each other (actually, I have no idea if they’re flip-flopping — you really can’t tell them apart). A bonus interview reveals that the two brothers live together and both work at the same pizzeria somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Kind of sick. But kind of hot. Like a good porn should be.

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Here’s “Jack and James LaCroix” close up, courtesy