Gay Pride 2005 Day 2: An Ode To Mr. Pam

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gay porn mr pam 2Still fuzzy from the Friday night festivites, as Saturday rolled along I forgot to bring my camera with me. Each Saturday before the big Parade, the million or so gay tourists (give or take 250,000) descend upon the intersection of 18th and Castro and flood the streets with unabashed faggotry. It’s like a scene out of a zombie movie: the climactic finale where the walking dead take over the city and really is the last place I can deal with when hung over.

Yet it was the premiere of Colt’s eXposed at the film festival, and I wasn’t about to miss it for the world. It’s a behind-the-scenes feature of Buckleroos and was shot and edited by the one and only Mr. Pam. Now I’m sure I’ve mentioned Mr. Pam quite a few times (see pictures of her here, here, and here but I may not have explained who she is, most likely because she, well, sort of defies explanation. The former newsy left a cushy corporate job to pursue a full-time gay porn life over a year ago. I met her working on The Tim and Roma Show (which she also shoots and edits), and then really got to know her on the set of Wet Palms (which she also shot). The past year her career in gay porn has really taken off and everyone is clamoring to work with her, but I think eXposed is the accomplishment she must be most proud of.

Anyway, the premier was sold out. At the cowboy-themed after party, (which was also packed to capacity as fans tired to catch glimpses of Dean and Marcus), the few minutes I was able to spend with Mr. Pam were dotted with countless interruptions of people spewing praise and awe upon her. Again, I forgot my camera but was able to snap this one photo (with Mr. Pam’s camera, actually), and I think it pretty much sums her up: Smiling wildly and having her legs spread open by two of the hottest gay men in the world (in this case, Dean Phoenix and Diego De La Hoya).

gay porn mr. pam

If you haven’t seen Buckleroos yet (shame on you!), you can watch it now on NakedSword. Check your local gay film festival near you to for the next screening of eXposed (it’s playing in July at the Philly Fest.)


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