Gay Porn Webcast: A Tim and Roma Valentine’s Day

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If you thought that porn stars didn’t have the same relationship problems that you do … you’d be right. On A Very Special Tim and Roma, our fearless hosts tackle the eternal question: How do porn stars — let alone gay men — manage to keep a relationship together while slurping so much cock. The answer provided by real life porn star gay couple Chad Donovan and Antonio Madiera: threesomes! Yes, your life is more boring, but at least you get to see Chad’s HUMONGOUS (eleven? twelve?) cock:

Pretend that you’re the Lucky Pierre sandwiched between Chad and Antonio (or the also interviewed Brad Patton and Brian Hansen) in the clip on the right.

(If you’re having trouble watching it here, go directly to the Tim and Roma Show homepage and try downloading it to iTunes.)

Amour! Amour!


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  1. Mx February 16th, 2007 at 6:33 AM

    Hehe. What is ‘amour amour’?


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