Gay Porn Stars take over SF Pride

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Despite my reservations about Gay Pride, Mike and I paid our respects — and good thing ’cause there was like a gazillion gay porn stars there. Jason Adonis, Lane Fuller, Lukas Ridgeston, Edu Boxer, Jake Andrews and Johan Paulik to name a few. Luckily, I had my camera. Read on to see the pictures …Actually, Pride Weekend got off to an early start thanks to a really impressive fundraiser thrown by SF Gulch in conjunction with Colt and Bel Ami called Boys 2 Men, which raised $15,000 for the STOP AIDS Project.

On Sunday, after the parade, the Falcon Booth was really a porn paradise. Jason Adonis, Lane Fuller, Bobby Williams and more were signing autographs for legions of fans.

All photos by Jack

The boys of Bel Ami

Sebastian Bonnet, Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston.

Colt’s Adam Dexter

Man of the Hour

Colt’s John Rutherford (right) with Chi Chi LaRue.

Mike takes a whiff of Lukas’ underwear

Wouldn’t you? Lukas told us he wore them for two days straight.

Falcon behind the scenes

Charming Falcon star-turned-editor Colby Taylor with a damn hot production assistant.

Colt en Espanol

Handsome Latino Colt men Edu Boxer and Diego De La Hoya.

Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox

Another Falcon Exclusive, Josh Weston

Another massive Colt Man

Aussie Jake Andrews … way buffer than we remember him.

Bobby Williams

The leather-clad hottie gave us a little show.

Nobody tops Lane Fuller

Wait … actually, everyone does. Nevermind.

Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Jason Adonis

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  1. juan April 3rd, 2005 at 12:38 PM

    Hola este chico Jason Adoni esta espectacular es un modelo de los mejores continuen obsequiando buenas imagenes como esta.Chao


  2. Aaliyah June 5th, 2005 at 2:45 PM

    is is strange for a straight girl to be turned on by watching Brent Everett perform. i saw My Overstuff Jeans at my brothers house (he is gay), so I thought, what the heck, lets see it. Wow, the boy has it, at the point, i wished i was a gay man. A girl can dream though. So Brent if you want to take a ride on the other side, contact me, it doesn’t mean you’re straight, just doing me a favour. Lol.

    I have always been interested in gay and lesbian porn, strange.


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