Gay Porn Star Jake Deckard Named 2007 NakedSwordman

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After four weeks of intense deliberation the team at NakedSword has crowned their prince. Beautiful beastmaster Jake Deckard will be NakedSwordsman 2007 (past winners include Owen Hawk, Ben Jakks and Marcus Iron. The furry New Yorker came westward to San Francisco shortly after signing with Raging Stallion (previously, he had been an exclusive with Titan) and his laid back demeanor and proto-sexual nature (in his first interview as NakedSwordsman, he extols the sight of crack-hair wrapped around his meaty cock) seem an easy fit for the hilly Gomorrah.
gay porn star Jake Deckard on NakedSword

In addition to wielding a scepter and go-go dancing in short shorts around the country (witness his anti-goverment 2257 dance here or his marathon butt-sex session with Matt Cole and Jason Crew here).

Despite the flowery portrait painted by Felchbot Fleshbot, Jake’s actual initiation involved a bottle of poppers (’82 vintage), a giant commerorative scythe and a eleven barely restrained Dream Team members (all of whom were up for the honor). I’m sure Dominick Dunne is already writing the preamble to yet another high society crime (Pete Ross, we’ve got our eye on you!)


Jake Deckard: NakedSwordsman 2007
Jake Deckard Desktop Wallpaper (, free)
Jake Deckard: NakedSwordsman 2007 (Fleshbot, twee)
Jake’s Body Works (Jake’s massage site)
Lords of the Jungle trailer (


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3 responses to Gay Porn Star Jake Deckard Named 2007 NakedSwordman

  1. Anonymous February 5th, 2007 at 11:50 PM

    He’s very hot, a bit stereotypical (most are these days) but hot nonetheless!

    Now if he’d just take out that damned nipple ring he’d be perfection.

    Oh well, I wouldn’t kick him out anyway! ;-)


  2. Frank February 9th, 2007 at 3:05 PM

    Jake is not only deserving of the honor but he is a very sweet guy.I had the pleasure of meeting Jake last September at the Raging Stallion Studios Folsom St Fair party where he was named RSS Man of the Year.Jake is a total hottie.


  3. dony September 23rd, 2009 at 8:51 PM

    i like big dick.. fucking style.. i want fucking..


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