Interview with gay porn star Billy Brandt

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Hello search engine spyders! It’s time to be a naughty name-dropper again! I know how you love it when I mention Mark Dalton, Zeb Atlas, gay porn, Ryan Idol, Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell, and Chad Hunt, but I don’t understand why so many readers of want to comment on Billy Brandt. I sure wish there was more interest in names like Dick Wolf, Aiden Shaw, Josh Weston, Matthew Rush, Tag Ericson, Lane Fuller, Jeff Palmer, Chris Steele, Michael Brandon, Tod Parker, Marcus Iron, Matt Summers, Blake Harper, Jason Branch, Jason Adonis, and others.

Well, the lord of search engine spyders works in mysterious ways, but I am here to serve YOU, so here is a recent interview with Billy Brand by my pal Mark Adams (who I have yet to actually meet) from his site Vidio View:

Totally Down to Earth
A Conversation with Gay Porn Star Billy Brandt
by Mark Adams

It’s been a couple of months since the Bad Boy of Porn was involved in a serious automobile accident. Shortly thereafter, all kinds of stories were showing up on the internet, about his health, about whether or not he would ever make another movie, even some who expressed doubts as to whether an accident ever occurred. Where is he now? What’s with his self-made “Totally Billy” movie? Is he still with Forest Entertainment? Will he do an interview while sitting on a dildo? These are questions – we have answers.

Mark: There was someone who wanted you to do an interview wihile sitting on a dildo.
Billy: Yes – a glass one, at that.
M: Are you dildo-free at the moment?
B: Most definitely.
M: How is your new movie “Totally BIlly” doing?

B: Great – it’s not the kind of movie for everyone who wants to buy porn. It’s for the diehard fans who want to get behind the scenes and see exactly what I go through to do a photo shoot or a scene.
M: How’s your relationship with David Forest – is he still your agent?
B: Sure is – he represents me. He’s my advisor as well.
M: Are you all recovered from your accident?
B: As much as I’m going to be. I still have some chest pain and some back pain. I still have a cracked vertebrae in the back of my neck. It’s not causing me any complications – I think that my collarbone is fully healed.
M: So you’re all set to go out and do dancing gigs.
B: There’ll be some pain, but, like they say, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. I like pain.
M: Now there’s something we could get into at another time. Are you all caught up with your medical bills?
B: No. I had no medical insurance. I have not paid my medical bills yet. I may have to file bankrupcy. One of the reasons for that is, I just found out I am a victim of identity fraud. I discovered I have three Social Security numbers. I can’t open a bank account, get a cell phone, any type of loan for my medical bills. It’s something I have to deal with. It’s my New Year’s resolution to get my finances in order.
M: You’re out in Ohio now, right?
B: Yeah, I’m staying here for a while, seeing how things develop. It’s better than some places.
M: How’s your “Down To Earth” movie for GAI doing?
B: Good, they tell me. I was happy with the way it turned out, tho I would have liked to have had a couple more scenes in it. It was a good shoot. There was less drama, the director actually spoke to me – he communicated with me.
M: Do you enjoy the club dates?
B: That’s my passion, because I get the chance to meet the people. If I can’t meet the people, there’s no point to my doing anything else. The fans are what keep me going.
M: WIll you be making up the gig you missed in Jacksonville because of the accident?
B: Yes, we’re doing that February 20th.
M: Let’s talk about the accident.
B: I was not drunk. My car wasn’t in tip-top shape. The car flew over me and almost landed on me. If I had been thrown five feet more. I would have been crushed by the car. The doctor told me when I went in for my first check-up, he was surprised that I was actually 75% healed. He said he had never seen anyone heal that quickly in two weeks.
M: I’m sure you heard that there were those who believed that you were not in an accident at all. How did that make you feel?
B: That really bothered me, to say the least. I don’t know what I could have done to make people believe that it actually happened. Those people are just…well, assholes. I was just very lucky not to have gotten hurt worse than I did.
M: So you’re a little more careful when you’re behind the wheel now.
B: I don’t drive at all right now. I haven”t since the accident.
M: Did you lose your license?
B: No, but I just have no need to drive, and I haven’t psychologically recoverd from the accident. Even when someone else is driving, I still get nervousness and butterflies in my stomach. It freaks me out. I’ll get back when I’m five feet off the ground in a big truck with big tires. I don’t like flying unless I’m in a plane.
M: Any problems with drugs?
B: I don’t do drugs – I’ve been clean for about a year now.
M: Are you ever going to bottom in a movie?
B: I’ll do it for the right price. When companies finally get off their high horse and pay someone who’s worth the money.
M: Would you want to write and/or direct a movie?
B: I’m thinking about doing a movie called “Billy Back in Black.” It will be a full hard-core movie. That’s what my plans are.
M: Let’s talk about that pain thing you mentioned earlier – what’s on your mind?
B: The next film I’m thinking of doing will be something that’s never been done by a blonde, blue-eyed boy before. I would ba a master. I will be the one that does all the beatings, get the guys to do what I want them to do. I think that would be different. It’s an idea that might not fly with a lot of my fans, but it will get a lot of the fetish fans.

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