Gay Porn Sneak Peek: “Unspeakable” by Jett Blakk

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Unspeakable-DVD-cover.jpgUnspeakable, Jett Blakk’s newest film is the story of a Nazi hunter (played by Matt Majors) who falls in love with with the grandson (Cole Ryan) of a nazi he’s pursuing. It takes place in present-day Los Angeles but there is a flashback scene featuring two Nazis having sex.

OK, wait — let me first say that I’m Jewish and don’t take Holocaust-related things lightly. I was nervous when Jett send me a screener and I was ready to tell him honestly how I felt, no matter how offensive and bad it was …

Lucky for him, I really liked it — a lot. It could be Jett’s best movies to date.. As a director, he coaxes fantastic sexual– and acting — performances out of Cole Ryan and Braxton Bond; both make star turns. Matt Majors carries the movie along with an intensity rarely seen on the blue screen.

Simply, while Unspeakable treads on dark ground, it’s a remarkable achievement which can only be judged after it’s been watched beginning to end. While I invite discussion, I only ask that you watch the movie first.

Some images from the movie after the jump. Oh, and happy Chanukah.Unspeakable matt majors







Unspeakable, from Oh Man! Studios
Directed by Jett Blakk
Starring Matt Majors, Cole Ryan, Braxton Bond, Adam Faust, Duke Rivers, Ty Hudson, Sean Steele and Dan Cross (as the Grandfather).

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