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Upcoming Raging Stallion release “Manhattan” suggests a promising stylistic expansion for the studio and also notably marks the directorial debut for Ben Leon, a handsome young buck I’ve had the pleasure of knowing even before he started working for RS as a production assistant a few years ago.

manhattan_gay_porn.jpgLeon’s personal porn predilections toward lower-end straight stuff — along with what he learned about making porn from Chris Ward — merged to create his distinct directorial style, which he characterized as having “tons of camera movement and a looser editing style with action at its core.”

Aesthetically, he is taking a less structured, almost verite approach, relying on natural light as much as possible and encouraging the models to “have a good time” as he shot. While less shadowy, he is perhaps taking a cue from Dark Alley, giving the movie a “slightly more everyday kind of feel” by interspersing the hardcore action with montages of “people hanging out, drinking beer … etc.” Three of the six sex scenes were filmed on roof tops, and many of the interior shots were shot in what Leon described as “risky situations” (though no one was arrested): one scene was even shot in front of a window across from a busy construction site.

Clocking in at 2.5 hours long and filmed on-location in NYC, “Manhattan” stars a wonderfully diverse cast of Raging Stallion Exclusives Manuel Torres, Marcos Pirelli, Justin Christopher and Francois Sagat along with Vin Nolan, Mario Cruz, Sergio Anthony and Ford Tuff. It comes out in the end of July, but until then enjoy this free hardcore image gallery.








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