Gay Porn Sets: GRUNTS, Collin O’Neal Raided

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gay-porn-pic-GRUNTS-Jake-Deckard.jpgPornographers are no stranger to the whims of law enforcement, but two recent incidents on porn sets might give flesh peddlers reason to pause before taking the camera on location. Saturday, Collin O’Neal called from the Dominican Republic where he and cameraperson extraordinaire Mr. Pam were shooting some local color for his World of Men series. A nosy neighbor spied a solo shoot in the backyard of the rental house and informed the authorities who promptly crashed the party. Mr. Pam was taken to the station and her camera and laptop confiscated.

gay-porn-shoot-GRUNTS-march-pic.jpgSecond, perhaps even more frightening, was a late-night visit from local military brass on the set of Raging Stallion-NakedSword co-production of GRUNTS. The military shoot, at a 100,000 acre ranch on a coastal valley in central California, wasn’t nearly secluded enough from prying eyes. It’s unclear whether nearby neighbors spotted actual military jeeps going on and off the property, or if the large-M*A*S*H style army base that director Chris Ward built was visible from the air (several Army bases are nearby and the shoots on the set were frequently interrupted by flyovers). The visitors didn’t say they were from Homeland Security, but who knows? The gun shots on the property, the twenty-five men marches and the high-voltage electrical consumption would certainly have alerted a casual observer. Maybe it is possible to be too realistic.

In both cases, the objects of the investigation were shaken, but not deterred. Mr. Pam and company were able to escape with some fast talking and some sleight of hand (watch the porn on my camera disappear!) and Raging Stallion director Chris Ward merely pointed out that he was, in fact, shooting porn, not practicing for Ruby Ridge.


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2 responses to Gay Porn Sets: GRUNTS, Collin O’Neal Raided

  1. mr. Pam August 2nd, 2007 at 7:11 PM

    Hola Porn Lovers!

    Its mr. Pam… the porno jail-bird. We’re back in the U.S….whew! Made it! Yes, its true. Me, Collin O’Neal’s biz partner Rich & 3 hottie dominicans were having a photoshoot in the backyard in what we ‘thought’ was a secure location and BAM! The Dominican Republic Policia busted in on the set and hauled us off to a creepy dominican jail. Luckly before we were arrested, they let me go in the house and put on pants (no bathing suite/surrong in jail please) so I grabbed a wad of cash and a low-cut dress.
    After a long interogation (in spanish… uhhh…como?) and us swearing we weren’t shooting porn (nevermind the naked guy), just doing a Reggaeton music video (which we did, its awesome!)… The Police captain finally let us go after a large bribe (and a few cleavage shots). I was more scared for my source tapes and thousands of dollars of equipment then for myself. (Those dominicans are sooo hot!) But did learn a lesson that everyone doesn’t think shooting gay porn is as fabulous as I do!!!
    Serbia is next… cross your fingers porn fans!

    big hugs & squirts…
    mr. PAM

    ps – i sat next to Daddy Yankee on the plane back! Gasolina! woohoo!


  2. Posh Gay August 8th, 2007 at 8:57 AM

    I like porn)))


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