Gay Porn Set: The Intern

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gay-porn-intern-michael-lucas-piss-pic.jpgDoes any intern not get pissed on by the boss? The new guy over at Lucas Entertainment sure can’t dispute it.

We had some technical difficulties last week, so while you all were trying to post comments, we were watching the exploits of Mike Kashey, the on-the-set blogger for Lucas Entertainment’s new sex comedy, The Intern. It was his first time on set, so he was understandably nervous … a week or so later he’s got shower-nozzle masturbation material for until he’s the boss.

I was weened from teet on sustenance like Porky’s and Meatballs and Private School and my fondness for screwball antics and impromptu flesh shows has never left me. The Intern is a marked departure for Michael Lucas, a wickedly funny human being who is nevertheless better known for more earnest fare like La Dolce Vita. I can say that in true sex comedy fashion, the shots of giant-cocked Ben Andrews in nerd glasses crack me up. Cliches are a hallmark of both the sex comedy genre and porn genre … as long as the comedy lives up to the sex, Lucas is golden. And I don’t just mean showers.




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