Gay Porn Review: Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Posted January 18, 2006 6:51 PM by

free_gay_porn_clip_-1.jpgAll the big studios are dropping their big releases these past two months, and it’s been tough trying to try to keep up with them all. Channel 1’s biggest epic since Bolt, Wrong Side Of The Tracks, is about to hit retail, and director Chi Chi LaRue has really out-done himself with this two part epic.

Whereas Bolt was a plot-light fetishistic fantasia, “Tracks” is more firmly rooted in reality. Chi Chi, who normally eschews script-driven, storyline-heavy movies for conceptual pieces (see Kolide, the Link series) really moves out of his comfort zone to amazing results.

Johnny Hazzard, after getting mouth-fucked by his abusive step dad for the last time, leaves the family trailer and embarks on a soul-searching journey of sorts. He meets up with a hooker with a heart of gold, Marcus Iron, who shows him the ins-and-outs of being a street hustler. A trick gone bad sends him packing again. His path crosses with Chad Savage, (on loan from All Worlds), who takes him in and tries to make an honest man out of him. “Tracks” succeeds exceptionally both as a fuck flick and as a showcase of Johnny Hazzard’s talents. It could end up being his star vehicle: While so many porn stars — both straight and gay — clamor for stardom and cross-over into the mainstream, after watching him in this its hard to see why he couldn’t.

Anyway … listen to me blather on and on! I’m sure you’d much rather check out the gorgeous photos from the set by none other than Greg Thompson:









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