Gay Porn Review: Sea Men: Fallen Angel 4

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When I really want to freak people out, I put on the limited-edition, four-disc DVD box set of “Sea Men: Fallen Angel 4″. It”s sort of like the crown jewel of my porn collection (which, if you haven’t guessed, is rather extensive).

How do I mean by “freak out”? Well, it makes people uncomfortable to watch. On one hand, it features these really fucking hot guys (this was Dred Scott’s premier). And all the while they’re totally ravaging each other in these really crazy ways, but they make it seems like they’re having a rockin’ good time while doing it. Electro shock, ball pumping, tit torture, extreme face fucking — and I thought I had seen it all …Lot’s of studios throw a pair of chaps on one of their stars and call it a leather movie. But only Titan could make such raunchy extreme fetishplay and leather look so damn hot.

The sets and art direction are as good as any Hollywood production. And it was based on Fassbinder’s “Querelle”, (which any homo worth his weight in gay knows that “Querelle” is based on Jean Genet’s novel.) A Jean Genet porn? How come nobody thought of that sooner? I mean, really.

Did I mention Dred-fucking-Scott? In my very-twisted pantheon of idol, he falls just slightly below the rank of god.


Or … you can rent it for 7 days from our new NS Direct Theater.


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  1. Ampelo July 23rd, 2005 at 11:02 AM

    we need some more Fallen Angels!


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