Gay Porn Review: Marc Anthony

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marc_anthony_box.jpgThe most expensive gay porn ever produced, or as the box boasts, “The Biggest Budget Gay Movie Ever!” al-leg-ed-ly (and I say that with my best Star Jones accent) Marc Anthony has a lot in common with Liz Taylor’s “Cleopatra” — slow moving, excessively long, overproduced and at times unintentionally funny. The European studio Private (now Mansize) sunk a bunch of Euros into producing their first gay flick, and the results are a mixed bag to say the least.marc_anthony_still.jpgThe cast of mostly unknown Euro-hunks may be this film’s one saving grace. Shortly after its release last year, versatile hottie Mario Perez, (who plays Marc Anthony), went on to sign an exclusive contract with Titan Media as Marcos David.

Note to porn producers out there: eyeliner on men is never sexy in porn.

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Starring Mario Perez, Janos Volt, Black Jack, Nico Blade, Luis Casas, Lucas Foz, Deny, Ricsi Volt Lesz, Kevin Kline and Maxim. Directed by Sebastiano Brogi. 2003.


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