Gay Porn Review: Buckshot’s Hard Studies

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buckshot-gay-porn-pic-hard-studies-DVD.jpgThere are innummerable attributes that cause me to get hot for a particular porn scene — a sexy cast, an enthusiastic fuck, a tense interaction or creative shot — but for me to love a whole movie usually requires some amount of charm. Like offline sex, you can use just about any piece of film or flesh to get off — but a trick or flick that you don’t regret is priceless. Give me a porn I don’t regret in the morning. (Charmante hardcore pics follow after the jump.)Buckshot Production’s Hard Studies — like Big Rig earlier this year — has charmed the pants off me. The sweet premise — a handsome but impossible-to-please exchange student (Australian Brian Hansen) can’t get laid — frames gung ho sex and straight-up good looking cast. There’s some comical product placement — I love John Rutherford and Kristofer Weston at COLT, but Hansen’s vocal worship of COLT men and COLT products is a little much (it’s nothing new, however — last week I watched a vintage COLT reel with mustachioed men peering through COLT jerk-off mags). Of course, the cornball attitude is part of Hard Studies‘ appeal, and my initial fun-poking quickly turned to, well, just poking — like when a teasing over brunch leads to an afternoon slap-and-tickle.

Gay-Latino-Porn-Wet-Dreamz-pic.gif.jpgOf course, it may be possible to have too much fun. Liquid Dreamz’ Wet Dreamz of Genie — written and directed by and starring one-word sensation Junito — features punchy jokes, machinima storytelling, and no-he-didn’t computer graphics (Forget sun-tan lotion — all these guys need for sex on the beach is a blue screen!) that would have me shaking my head if it weren’t for the hot-blooded sex performances. I mean, I’ve sat through countless hours of Everybody Loves Raymond (I know) and Mr. Romano won’t bare even get a half-a-butt-cheek. I should be kissing Junito’s feet (or perhaps, given his predilection for digits, sucking his toes) for taking the time to entertain me while busting my nut. Sex is fun, and not always serious. Why should porn be?

Handsome Aussie Brian Hansen

It’s hard to study with a dick up your arse!

Anatomy class?


Trailer for Buckshot’s Hard Studies

Scenes from Wet Dreamz of Genie


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