Gay Porn Review: Mustang Studios’ Trapped

Posted February 26, 2006 8:06 PM by


I’ve been in love with Mustang Studios since I was in college — the sweaty, rough and ready butch aesthetic of Mustang has always a welcome counterpoint to the clean-cut (and shaved-down) look of the studio’s parent company, Falcon Studios. Even relatively hairless releases — like 1998’s sizzling Current Affairs (with Rod Barry and Jeremy Penn) — gave my VCR a workout.

Their newest release, Trapped 1 & 2, signals a rebirth for the studio, getting it back to its grimy roots. There’s little plot for the for the hardhat-and-wife-beater’d construction workers and that’s just fine. It’s enough to watch former amateur hottie Brad Star piss in a watercooler, with Joey Milano on hand to drain the rest of him. While not all construction workers feel the need to bring dildos on the job — its supposedly for Mike Grant’s wife, but it ends up in Kent Larson’s buttery ass — the toolbelt-posing is less costumey than you’d expect. It ain’t Wonderland, but the big equipment on hand (freight elevators, motorcycles, Brad Star’s cock) does a good job of letting you forget the manufactured nature of porno. And, at the end of a long day on the job, to lose myself a little is all I ask.