Gay Porn Review: Dirk Yate’s Jarhead

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The kids over at Gay Porn Reviews (dot) Net lent us a gay porn review of Dirk Yate’s Jarhead for Jack’s birthday. I like it when reviews read more like online erotica and less like a video play-by-play.

“[Dean Phoenix and Dan Donovan are two of the most naturally butch guys I’ve seen in a porn, period. (Dirk Yates – director of loads of other flicks starring real Marines like The Naked Sword, Porn Struck, and Barracks Glory Holes, not to mention his immense The Few, The Proud, The Naked series- gets the credit for that.) It’s rare that I’ve been jealous watching an actor get a blowjob, but that’s how I felt when I saw Phoenix go to work on Donovan’s cock. Scenes like make you think seriously about starting that second career as a cameraman. Phoenix sucks Donovan to a much-needed completion as he’s been deprived by his drunken girlfriend of sex … “

I’ll say. Kudos to Gay Porn Reviews (dot) Net — keep up the good work.


Mason Jarr on a platter. Is that too much to ask for my birthday? He’s the hottest, truly.


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