Gay Porn Preview: Hot House’s The Missing

Posted December 6, 2005 7:50 PM by

free-gay-porn-pic-hot-house-the-missing.jpgHot House director Steven Scarborough is possibly the sickest fuck in an industry full of sick fucks. His latest opus, The Missing, uses one of Scarborough’s favored erotic scenarios: the paramilitary-style kidnappin’ and sex-slavin’ of a work-a-day stiff. His 1992 The Abduction Trilogy (for Falcon Studios) involved similar themes (not to mention a missing film canister nefariously hidden up someone’s rear. Brilliant!) free-gay-porn-pick-jason-ridge.jpgScarborough really tops himself with The Missing: Kent North’s lover is hardly roused when nasty leather operatives steal his husband away in the night. North’s taken to a dungeon of carnage and carnal pleasure: the black apron’d Abductor (Warren Lord) cages North (along with Martin Mazza and Antonio Roca) under a glass table and feeds him scraps of chicken. Genius — I love when food gets mixed with porn — pure gluttony!

Scarborough’s tight videography gives the video a claustrophobic air making the close-ups of dick-slapped faces and daisy-chained asses appear even more intense. The two-disc video is a catalog of perversions, full of double reverse cowboys, blossoming rosebuds and a rotating St. Andrew’s cross. Think you’ve seen everything? If you haven’t seen The Missing, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

You can check out the free hardcore preview, as well as downloads for video iPods at the Official Site for The Missing. I’d also recommend checking out Steven’s extensive fisting and leather work on the Gay Porn Blog Theater. You’ll never look at your ass the same way again.

— Mike

free-gay-porn-pic-hot-house-video-box.jpgThe Missing (Hot House Entertainment, 2005). Directed by Steven Scarborough. Starring Kent North, Enzo Grimaldi, Kirk Ziegler, Marco Paris, Jason Ridge, Nick Piston, Shane Rollins, Tony Mecelli, Trevor Knight, Jed Willcox, Rod Barry, Matt Majors, Antonio Roca, Martin Mazza, Dean Tucker, Rik Jammer, Chuck Dirocco and Warren Lord.