Gay Porn Preview: Falcon’s Cross Country

Posted September 11, 2005 9:03 AM by

gay porn star pic roman heartIn just over a week, Falcon Studios will release Cross Country and judging from the preview clips, it’s gonna set a new standard in porn. And I’m not just saying that ’cause Jack and I wrote it. Think this year’s Taking Flight, only replace the plane set for the unspoiled natural beauty of New Zealand.

Director Chris Steele brought a bevy of men — some we’re all familiar with like Lifetime Falcon Exclusive Matthew Rush, and Exclusives Roman Heart, Erik Rhodes, Kane O’Farrell, Dean Monroe, and Brad Patton, and some truly exciting newcomers like Tyler Marks, Derrick Vinyard, Ethan Kage — to New Zealand for a sexual rumble in a South Pacific jungle. We tried to make the script as perverted as possible: Erotic hallucinogenic herbs? Check! Diabolical Sex Cult? Check! Devious perverted mastermind? Check! Making porn is so much more than the “Oh, yeah!” (well, not that much, but there’s gotta be more to porn plots than having a crush on your best friend.)

Chris Steele told me he expects Cross Country to really launch Roman Heart’s career. I don’t doubt him. When Jack and I met Roman at San Francisco Pride this year, we were pretty awed by his amazing ass and a charming dispostion. The whole industry’s got a crush on him — I don’t doubt the rest of the world will fall in line.

Cross Country isn’t available anywhere until September 21st, but as part of a special promo, NakedSword will be broadcasting the first half of the two-disc adventure the week it ships. It’s sort of a big deal that Falcon is doing a simultaneous online release, signaling the rise in importance of online VOD distribution. Look for other studios to begin following suit. Otherwise check out the Falcon web Site for more clips and images from the movie, or (in another porno first) Falcon is offering a sweepstakes where you can win a trip for two to New Zealand.

Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart and Matthew Rush

Kane O’Farrell

Brad Patton

Ethan Kage

Benjamin Bradley

Alex Rossi


Tyler Marks

Derrick Vinyard

Ethan Hunter

gay porn star pic dean monroe.jpg
Dean Monroe

gay porn pic maori orgy.jpg
Pete Ross tries to get in on a Brad Patton / Pedro Morales sandwich