Gay porn on Swedish TV

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A couple of months ago, two Swedes named Filip and Fredrik hijacked our Wet Palms casting session to film their show “High Chaparral.”

Their show is sort sort of a “Jackass”-style look at American culture, with Filip and Frederick usually being the butt of the joke as they interview off-beat and past-their-prime celebs like Tanya Harding, Vince Neil, and Corey Feldman. This one episode was all about gay porn and focused on us as we tried to find performers for the gay porn soap opera.

We set out that day to have a serious casting session and a bunch of porn stars showed up to read for roles, but having the Swedes there asking them to read out things in Swedish really threw everyone for a loop. It was pretty chaotic, but fun none the less.

To see a porn-star-studded clip from the show follow this link and click on “Bogporrcasting” where you’ll see Marcus Iron, Brad Benton, Stonie, Dillon Press, Mark Cirriano, Park Wiley, and some others. (I’m floating around in there too, along with Tim from NakedSword and Brett from Jet Set).

It aired last Monday in Sweden to high ratings, apparently. Swedes are funny that way.

You can see some of the pictures I took that day on


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