Gay Porn News: Jason Adonis to Bottom for Jet Set

Posted September 8, 2005 12:07 PM by

gay porn pic jason adonis porn star.jpgReaching deep into his acting reserves, megawatt muscle-stud Jason Adonis has signed a deal to bottom in Jet Set Production’s newest release. The filming has yet to commence and we’re holding our breath hoping the straight stud won’t ‘back’ out. But we’re sending rosebuds just the same.

Adonis has had a tumultous rise to fame after being discovered by then Jet Set President Brett Drysdale. The hulking behemoth went on to star in a series of high-profile Jet Set releases, including Wash West’s The Hole and American Porn Star before being whisked away as a Lifetime Exclusive by Falcon Studios for the best-selling and mile-high Taking Flight.

His exclusive contract didn’t last a lifetime however and Adonis was soon a free agent again. He signed onto the Wet Palms gay porn soap for three episodes during which another straight man — the ever ready Rod Barry — bottomed for the pumped hunk. Most recently, the heterophilic Adonis appeared in Athletic Model Guild‘s Resurrection and talked about discussing creating his own production company, Jason Adonis Entertainment.


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  1. XXXBlabberMouth September 8th, 2005 at 7:03 PM

    I guess Jason Adonis is at the end of his ‘options’. I’m sure after losing his ‘lifetime’ Falcon contract (and he DID lose it) and burning bridge after bridge after bridge this is what’s left for him. Sad. He must be hard up for cash at this point since no one wants to employ him anymore. Oh how the mighty top has fallen.