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I’ve run across a couple minor tidbits I need to rattle off all at once.

Yes, I had dinner with Falcon exclusive Josh Weston on Monday. I could make it sound like I had a hot “date” with the luscious and newly buffed Josh. And I could drop hints about the “climax” of the evening, tease you about my “dessert”, make subtle hints about how our night “ended”, and make myself sound like a real player. The truth is nothing actually happened.

Here’s the real story. Josh Weston recently bought a house in the suburbs somewhat near my house. He loves to go to movies and I was determined to at least see one movie that was talked about at the Oscars last week. I popped into a restaurant at the mall next to the theater, and he happened to do the same. He joined me at my table, we talked about the neighborhood while I stared at his biceps. He went to his movie, I wasted two hours watching “Lost In Translation” (it sucked!)

Sorry to disappoint you, but that was it. Why didn’t I jump his bones while I had the chance? Come on, take a look at my picture on the left. Does a guy like me have a chance with a pornstar as hot as Josh Weston? Please. Bill Murray will win Best Actor first.

The Cutest Mayor Survey was mentioned on Gawker and Gothamist blog sites, the Hungarian Olympic Wrestler in gay porn story was mentioned on Atkol Forums, not to mention numerous plugs on my favorite daily go-to blog, Gay Fleshbot.

The March 2004 issue of Cybersocket Magazine just arrived yesterday. My sites got mentioned four times!
-Page 10 mentions my coverage of Cleveland Indians pitcher Kazuhito Tadano and his appearance in gay porn,
-Page 12 mentions my vintage porn site,
-Cover story “Attack of The Blogs” lists this site and tells my age (horrors!) on Page 19.
-Page 52 interview with Anthony Holloway, he replies that “I frequent Gay Porn Blog and Billy Masters Filth 2 Go”.

Again I ask, with all this publicity how come I’m not rich?

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