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It’s a gay, gay, gay, gay, gay porn world folks. Yet again, our weekly update:

Whitey Anders gay porn pic.jpgRecommended Gay Porn Webcasts
Gay porn-aholics Tim Valenti and Sister Roma take on the men of Falcon Studios in a hot and heavy The Tim & Roma Show. Fiery Irish lad Kane O’Farrell and NYC boy Erik Rhodes spice up the show with a little ill-timed Viagra dosing. Across town, Tim drills porn star and dirty gay director Chris Steele on gay cliches, porn screenplays and the gay porn casting couch. (The Tim & Roma Show available free at NakedSword.com.)

Gay twink badboy Josh Carter takes on blonde muscleman Whitey Anders on LiveandRaw.com (Thursday, Apr 21, 2005, 3-9PM EDT; free for members on NakedSword.com)

Still looking for that Libra man, Edie? Try the well-balanced and well-hung COLT Man Carlo Masi flex his impressive frame and love himself tender in a solo show for COLT Studio at COLTStudio.com (Friday, April 21, 9AM GMT, Colt Studio.com)

Online Gay Porn Releases
Get tied up with Josh Weston, Jack Ryan and Jeremy Jordan with Falcon Studios’ Big Easy murder mystery Deep South — a gay porn with a plot so confusing that it borders on surreal – available on gay porn pay per view all this week on NakedSword.com.
Covetous much? Check out the machinations of love and lust and gay jealousy in All About Steve, Chi Chi LaRue’s legendary reinterpretation of a gay cult classic. Derek Cruise, Johnny Rahm, Zak Spears, Mark West and Hank Hightower plot and plunder Showgirls-style in the often humorous and very, very sexy gay porn.

New Gay Porn DVD Releases
Johan Paulik lets the Bel Ami boys out to play while acclaimed Bel Ami director George DuRoy takes a trip to France. The boys get into trouble, gay porn style in the light-hearted romp, Too Many Boys. As if we could ever get too much of the gay antics of the boys of Bel Ami!


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  1. srl April 21st, 2005 at 9:45 AM

    Kane O’Farrell has become my new favorite porn star. I watched him in Born 2 B Bad a few weeks ago, and wow, he’s great. I’m excited to see more from him.


  2. jay512 January 13th, 2006 at 10:23 PM

    Kane is my fave too. I watched him in Cross Country pt2. He is so awesome. What a sexy voice. He could fuck me anytime!


  3. jonnyg January 24th, 2006 at 10:08 PM

    hi guyz irish gay porn!?


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