Gay Porn for Women?

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Dear Gay Porn Blog,
I didn’t know where else to ask, but I have to know. Is it normal for women to “enjoy” gay porn too?
— Jane

Normally I’d give a flip answer in a post, but I’ve known personally and had so many women and straight couples confessing to loving gay porn, that I’d feel remiss not to bring you all together.

As for gay porn — what’s not to like? Straight men go crazy watching two women get it on — why wouldn’t a woman want to see two men sweaty and erect? Scholar-activists like Annie Sprinkle and Susie Bright have praised the joy of porn (gay and straight) for women. My straight friend Molly used to steal my Dirk Yates military solo videos. My friends Nadia and Elisa would always put on Falcon videos everytime I leave the room. Not only is it normal, it’s not even that unusual …

And face it: gay porn is better. The gay porn industry also pays its male stars more money than the straight porn industry and thus attracts a higher grade of man — in short, they’re cuter. And better hung. In addition to the inevitable gay-for-pay crossover (straight stars in gay porn), acclaimed gay porn director Chi Chi LaRue is working on a collection of straight porn stars doing solos for a gay audience.

Jack says that in Germany, women get together for ‘gay porn nacht’ where they drink fine Rhine wine, munch Bratwurst and drool over the hunky sex gods caressing and buggering each other. I have no proof of this, but the camerawoman on Wet Palms who does the same thing (minus maybe the Rhine wine) in San Francisco.


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  1. The Big Lebowski March 12th, 2008 at 7:18 PM

    I agree many men for years have watch lesbian video made for men. Gay porn already seems marketed for women, for the reasons you have already said “a higher grade of man — in short, they’re cuter. And better hung.” My wife and I, for the last couple of years, have enjoyed gay, bisexual, as well as lesbian porn together.


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