Gay Porn Reviews: The Tough Love of LeatherBound

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The USPS finally forwarded the mail from my previous address this weekend, resulting in a landslide of Christmas cards and porno. In addition to Michael LucasManhattan Heat, Phil St. John’s Czecki Friends and David del Dorado’s Lust in Translation, I got COLT — er, Buckshot’s –latest release, LeatherBound.

The previous release from COLT Studio’s Buckshot line, the award-winning Buckleroos, had a strong story and a cast that was handsome to the point of pretty. It was hard to see the connection between the cock-and-cuddle hit and LeatherBound — a stern flick that dirty director Kristofer Weston promised would be a leather video made by-and-for leather men.

LeatherBound has plenty in common with its Buckshot sibling. Both movies make the spectacle of sex enjoyable on multiple levels. The story isn’t central in Leatherbound, but the characterizations and situations fill in the narrative and set up the scenes. While Buckleroos unleashed a sprawling tale of best friends and lost loves, LeatherBound aims for a darker, but still remarkably friendly, mood. Buckleroos alum Dean Phoenix plays a leather virgin on his first trip to historic Mr. S. Leather store in San Francisco where the ever-charming Gus Mattox gives him more than a hand.

Jason Crew’s turn as a human dildo is a real standout. Weston cloaks the stunner in a leather straight jacket and throws him to Troy Punk and Pierro Sias. The sexual anxiety is palpable — Crew panics as he realizes he can’t get his own nut — and the situation becomes a source of agitated pleasure for the porn viewer who can indulge in the very same activity being denied Crew.

Sex in porn can feel like a fait accompli and the predetermined climaxes have as much life as a limp dick. The physical fear Crew exhibits heightens the sexual tension — like in real life with public sex or adultery — and makes the scene play more aggressively. It’s a nipple twist of a set up that makes for an incredibly hot video session. As an encore, Crew unties himself and shoves his own turgid cock up his ass. It’s a nice yin-yang ending to a scene fraught with conflict. And it’s a terrific way to unlock your own nut.

Buckshot’s Leatherbound (via COLT Studio Group)


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  1. Crane June 25th, 2005 at 8:34 AM

    Who is the pic of the guy on the cover of the Buckshot DVD? He is so awesome, but I can’t seem to find out what his name is?


  2. Mike July 6th, 2005 at 9:39 AM

    That’s Jason Crew. He’s got Bette Davis eyes.


  3. jonny September 13th, 2005 at 10:50 PM



  4. alexander January 22nd, 2006 at 9:55 AM

    Jason Crew is one of the few male porn models that actually seems to be enjoying everything he’s doing on screen; other men simply seem to be there obeying somebody else’s orders. Not so Jason. He is really LIVE… on screen. Would it be possible that he saw this blog and answered it on this same page? I sometimes feel these people need some encouragement from us, their plain, mainstream viewers. Don’y you, Jason boy?
    Good luck!


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