Gay Celebrity Match Up!

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This week’s People magazine — the “50 Hottest Bachelors” issue — seems primed for Pride Season. See if you can match the celebrity ‘bachelor’ with the gay(ish) signifier from his People blurb.1. “I’m pretty chatty.”
2. Tattooed in Elvish
3. Possesses a ‘mellow sexuality’
4. Homebody and “a great dancer”
5. “Bigots are a no.”
6. Celebrity hairdresser
7. “I like relationships. I enjoy that dynamic.”
8. Needs 7 hugs a day
9. Loves Proust
10. Dated Sandra Bullock (DSB)
11. “Currently between romances.”

A. Orlando Bloom
B. Farnsworth Bently
C. Chris Carmack
D. Jason West
E. Tom Cruise
F. Jonathan Antin
G. Ryan Gosling
H. James Franco
I. Diego Luna
J. Phillip Bloch
H. Benjamin McKenzie

For some reason, singleton Kevin Spacey did not make the list. Has someone snatched him up? Perhaps he met a nice young woman in Harmsworth Park. Also missing was my favorite celebrity bachelor, Matthew McConaughey. But he was prolly miffed about Sandy B. and that other guy.


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  1. richard January 7th, 2006 at 10:48 AM

    je suis un jeune gai qui adorerais trouver des photos de star masculines nus.


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