Scotty Dynamo Has A New Focus

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We interrupt our regularly scheduled pornography for a little musical interlude, the latest from rapper and singer Scotty Dynamo. Today, Scotty serves up a real toe-tapper with his cover of Ariana Grande’s Focus

Scotty Dynamo first got tongues wagging back in February 2014 with his bare-chested parody of #Selfie, from the Chainsmokers:

More recently, and more topical, was Scotty’s July 2015 release of Show Me Yours

In the end (spoiler alert), Scotty falls for the geeky guy, not the muscle boys, in this Let’s Get Physical-esque video that was hailed by many as his “official coming out song.”

But those in the know already knew he survived being Davey Wavey’s boyfriend for a time:

Which must mean that despite having an obvious ear for music, he must be able to tune out the shrill tones of an insufferable queen.

Quite a talent.

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