[[UPDATED]] Gay-For-Pay & Nothing But The Truth?

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[[UPDATED]] December 10, 2015

Well guys, as I cautioned when I first introduced the preview to MTV’s True Life “I’m a Gay for Pay Pornstar,” porn is like sausage. It’s best to enjoy the finished product and not observe how it’s made. Last night’s fodder was predictably staged and contrived. They are called reality shows — “show” being the operative word — for a reason.

Vadim “Luke” Black came off better than I had expected. As for Sean aka Ben, the episode ended with his friend saying this to him, “You have gone from being a douchey bro to a bro who douches.” I would correct that statement to “You are now a douchey bro who douches.”

Summing up the night in five tweets …

The episode is not online yet, however one of the readers at MenOfPorn taped and uploaded it which you can watch here.

Original Post: December 9, 2015

MTV’s True Life is going to peel back the curtain tonight on the topic of Gay-for-Pay and in particular, how it affects the lives and loves of two performers I have talked about on more than one occasion here at GayPornBlog. This evening we will get a glimpses into lives of “Big Sean” from Sean Cody and Vadim Black from Men.com and Bromo. The episode premieres this evening on MTV. You can find out when it will be shown in your area by following this link.



It will be interesting to see how “gay-for-pay” plays to masses who are likely to be gobsmacked by the entire concept. Of course we are well indoctrinated on the subject here.

Tonight will be, albeit an edited one, a slice into the real lives of people we watch doing their day job: fucking. That would have never been possible before. Back in the day, porn stars were mythical creatures of perfection who only lived on the glossy box covers of VHS movies. The advent of social media changed that forever. The magical “fourth wall” between performer and viewer has permanently been shattered both ways. Fans feel closer as they can now express their adulation to their favorites directly and instantaneously. At the same time, public meltdowns, twitter feuds, and sometimes down right offensive tweets also let fans know that behind the pretty faces are sometimes ugly minds.

Let’s start with the good stuff. We have already learned that Big Sean’s real name is Ben and his porn career is to support the children he has with the Mrs., Crystal. Crystal “thinks it’s hot” when it comes Ben’s mano-a-mano sexploits. I suspect it’s endearing to her just what lengths her man goes to to support his family. I also suspect following the airing tonight, I will like both Ben and Sean more.

As I said after Sean’s off the fucking charts scene with Rowan last week, anyone who is resting on their neck, legs up and spread, being dicked in the pile driver position — and can still shoot thier first load in their own mouth and then fire another load to feed a thirsty top — is clearly not a man hating what he does for a living.


[Watch Rowan Fuck Two Raw Loads Out Of Big Sean]

Now what may be not be so good. Vadim Black. I like his cute little body. I also think he does a credible job of pretending to be into whomever his hole du jour is. We just saw that yesterday in his scene with Alex Mecum. But let’s not forget, the real reality show for Vadim — real name Luke — will be this evening. I suspect he will try and distance the real “Luke” far from his screen persona. This will be an attempt to double-down on his unflappable heterosexuality for the appeasement of his regular bro’s. I also suspect that the scene where he comes out as gay-for-pay to his girlfriend, Crystal, is about as real as Kylie Jenner’s nose. I also suspect I will be enjoying scenes like this bareback fuck of Dennis West for Bromo a little lot less now.

[See Vadim Black Bareback His Perverted Stepdad]

But then again, since you obviously can judge a straight man by his lady, we’ll see tonight.

But Wait … There’s More
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  1. Robert January 1st, 2016 at 4:35 PM

    I just cant believe Vadim is completely straight, I have seen him in scenes and he took a load in his mouth and swallowed it and he keeps saying how good it feels while he is getting fucked. These arent the kinds of things that porn studios require of actors. And anyway I dont believe he has the ability to actually act.


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